Equipos Lagos, S.A.
Manufacture / Supply, Research & Development


The activity of Lagos as a spray booth manufacturer started in 1982 with clear ideas regarding the surface treatment business concept. Since then it has evolved in a progressive and continuous way, devoting all the efforts to solve all clients needs and knowing that the best way to accomplish this goal is to relay on an expert technical team and a competitive I+D department, which lead to a great commercial expansion through the years.

Nowadays, with more than 13.000 proyects delivered worldwide, Lagos has become a leading company capable of developing any kind of solutions, from small personalized “Lean” spray booths to complete surface treatment plants.

Regarding the Offshore industry it offers complete processes for metallic coating of support elements and parts, robotized blade painting, nacelle-protection, etc. Both the design and manufacturing aims to accomplish treatment cycles that ensure durability against corrosion, first class finishing and maximum energy captation.


02. Components Supply
03. Assembly & Installation
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