Fundación AZTI
Research & Development


AZTI is a scientific and technological centre that develops high-impact transformation projects with organisations aligned with the United Nations 2030 SDGs. Our purpose is to drive positive change for the future of humankind, contributing to a healthy, sustainable and fair society. Specialising in marine environment and food, we provide cutting-edge and value-added products and technologies grounded in sound science and research.

Areas of expertise

AZTI is organised around 10 research areas:

· Climate change

· Marine ecosystems functioning

· Operational oceanography services

· Sustainable fisheries management

· Marine and coastal environmental management: regarding this last research area, Azti develops different projects related to wave energy and offshore wind energy. In this field we could mention projects such as WESE, SafeWAVE or Eolguip among others.

· Biotechnology-based products

· Food integrity and safety

· Food and health

· Efficient and sustainable food chain

· Consumer behaviour

Azti is a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), an initiative that brings together four collaborative research centres (CIC BioGUNE, CIC NanoGUNE, CIC BiomaGUNE and CIC EnergiGUNE) and 12 technology centres, (Azterlan, Azti, Ceit, Cidetec, Gaiker, Ideko, Ikerlan, Lortek, Neiker, Tecnalia, Tekniker and Vicometch) seeking to promote collaboration among them; strengthen the conditions to generate and transfer knowledge to companies, contributing to their competitiveness; and to spread the Basque scientific and technological capacity.


01. Design Development & Financing
08. Support Services
09. Research & Development
Environmental Assessment & Monitoring
Planning & EIA
Seabed Surveying & Positioning
Technology Services



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