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GAINZA FORGE is a well-known forge (Open Die Forging & Ring Rolling) and machining company, focused on the most demanding markets such as Off-Shore / Subsea, Nuclear, Shipbuilding, Thermal Energy and Petrochemical.

Founded in 1978, GAINZA FORGE is a family-owned company and all along these years our aim has been to become a forging partner for our customers, having established long term relationships. Our customized solutions with tailored forgings in a wide range of sizes and materials.

GAINZA FORGE has a long experience manufacturing forged pieces for the Off-Shore & Subsea applications and specially in underwater connections at great depths and low temperatures. We provide forging solutions for critical applications according to customer drawings with the highest quality, complying with strict specifications and with competitive & flexible delivery times.

A long investigation in materials with several R&D centres has allowed us to obtain a deep knowledge in materials that are typically used in the market.

Our services include rough or final machined forgings (including weld overlay). We also support our customers with the quality documentation that is required in the markets and our internal Testing Laboratories allow us to give a complete service.

GAINZA FORGE’s flexible manufacturing process enable us to deliver a wide range of materials and shapes in very competitive lead times. We produce rolled rings and open die forgings with the highest quality and according to industry specifications.


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