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IKERLAN is a leading knowledge transfer technological centre providing competitive value to companies. They seek for excellence in R&D&i, through the continuous adaptation to the needs of their customers and the proximity with their business reality.

Thanks to a unique cooperation model, which combines technology transfer activities, internal research and training of highly qualified personnel, IKERLAN is currently the trusted technological partner of major companies in the country.

IKERLAN, a member of Basque Research & Technology Alliance (BRTA) and MONDRAGON Corporation, offers technological solutions adapted to the needs of industrial companies through its three multi-technology solutions: IKERLAN KONNEKT, IKERLAN ENERGY and IKERLAN MECH, responding to the challenges in the field of digitisation, energy and power electronics and mechatronics. Specifically in wind energy, we support companies through their technological development and we have a proven track record in collaborating with benchmark companies in the sector. We integrate various technologies such as the structural

reliability in the design of components and structures, control algorithms, electronic systems and control and monitoring systems, monitoring and validation technologies and digitisation solutions geared towards servitisation.


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