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Nabla offers a reliable and accurate aeroelastic model based on “seeing what is invisible”. It is the single way to merge in a complete analysis the effects from the site-specific multivariable, simultaneous and coupled causes that lead to life consumption and which identify the potential to be unlocked. Nabla Wind Power´s reverse engineering of turbines is the most complete, robust and detailed independent reverse engineering in the market. It delivers the most accurate and reliable aeroelastic models at the level of the OEM and leads to the best and most independent assessment of the asset

Nabla has 45 aeroelastic models already available and validated as well as a continuously growing database. It covers the 64% of the installed power worldwide including all relevant technologies: senvion, general electric, vestas, nordex, gamesa, bonus, enercon, ecotecnia, made, negmicon, nordtank, suzlon and sinovel

Nabla team mastered offshore standards in structural analysis and subsystems design as former OEMs. In addition, has conducted very detailed TDDs on offshore technologies including last state-of-the-art turbines

Nabla delivers life expectancy per component, per material and per turbine at the wind farm. It provides the most complete historical assessment of transient events and curtailments analyzing the historical and long-term modifications in wind conditions as well as analyzing in detail all different situations and occurrences on the turbines for best risk and damage evaluation.

Nabla wind power process is designed to deliver the highest accuracy wind is analyzed in detail per direction and per area at the wind farm operation conditions are modeled based on historical records in most detail as possible all historical modifications to the turbines and wind farms are taken into account leading to best and independent assessment of the asset leading to the P90 life analysis, detailed engineering which enables to go beyond the state of the art of consultants allowing better results, longer life expectancies, identification of potential for full redevelopment and more reduced uncertainties


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