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PCVUE SOLUTIONS SL, part of ARC Informatique group (15M€, 14 subsidiaries), based in Irún, Gipúzkoa, markets the PCVUE Solutions suite. Originally developed for industrial SCADA supervision, PCVUE products are widely used in energy sector, industrial processes, utilities and infrastructure sectors (Smart City, SmartBuilding, Smart Water, Smart Grid) among others.

PCVUE SCADA provides a solution to manage your installations, communications, networks, alarms and databases. PCVUE completes its offer with innovative solutions that will simplify your access to information and facilitate your decision making by editing web and mobile app or by integrating IoT.

PcVue SCADA is widely used by big players in renewable sectors (Iberdrola, Siemens-Gamesa, GE). In 2003, Iberdrola opened the CORE Renewable Energy Operation Center in Toledo with the main objective of ensuring remote control for wind, solar farms and hydro power stations from a unique location. For this project, Iberdrola selected PCVUE software for its reliability, scalability and high performance in a Client-Server data architecture. Today, more than 4 million of datas are connected inside the PCVUE

architecture and more control center have been installed in the USA, Scotland and Brazil. PCVUE provides a world-class platform with built-in drivers for energy management and smart grid interoperability such as IEC 61850 (DNV KEMA certified), IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3 and ICCP.


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